High Pressure Machine Tool Coolant Hydra-Cell™ Pumps


Wanner Engineering Hydra-Cell™ high pressure coolant pumps are sealless, meaning they do not have cups, packing or mechanical seals that need to be replaced.  This enhances their reliability when pumping reclaimed coolant which directly translates into savings for the user via increased productivity because the Hydra-Cell™ design ensures minimal maintenance and down time.40 Years designed in USA




Conventional coolant pumps require fine filtration, in some instances as low as 25 microns.  Filtering coolants to that degree can remove the very additives that enhance their performance. Over-filtering your coolant also results in high filtration costs (media cost, storage, labor and disposal).


Hydra-Cell™ high pressure coolant pumps are generally protected with a 40 mesh (400 micron) screen or filter bag, so your filtration is not dictated by our pump but by whatever your rotary union or other system components require.  Reducing the frequency of filter changes also reduces operating and disposal costs, letting you focus on keeping those machines running and maximizing efficiency.


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